Fuller Rehabilitation Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

Work is important to the individual's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Return to the former job within a limited time, or placement into alternative employment, is always the goal and constant focal point of case file activities. This is conveyed in the initial meeting, is continuously reinforced, and strenously worked toward.

Since 1982, I have been providing cost-effective rehabilitation services to Workers' Compensation and Auto No-Fault benefits recipients. I have a thorough understanding of the rehabilitation process, the Workers' Compensation arena, and how to deliver successful outcomes. You'll find that I deliver an exceptionally high rate of success at one of, if not the lowest cost, in the industry.

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My costs are limited by pro-rating any and all services, including travel and job development by performing only those services needed (e.g., medical practioner visits rarely performed), and reporting is limited and succinct.